Hydrofarm Infinity Trays and Rolling Benches


Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruner

Active Air Heavy-Duty Floor and Pedestal Fans

Quantum PAR Meter

Active Air Fan Speed Adjuster

AgroBrite T5 Fixture with Lamps

Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector

Phantom 50 Series DE Lighting Systems

Phantom Dual 315W CMH System w/Philips Lamps, 120-240V

Phantom 315W CMh Reflector with cord set

Agrobrite Standing Plant Lamp

Autopilot CO2 Generators

Agrobrite Standing Plant Lamp, 27W

Active Aqua Submersible Water Pumps

Active Aqua Air Pumps

Active Aqua Chillers

Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor with Memory and Data Storage

APC8200 Autopilot CO2 Monitor & Controller w/15' Remote Sensor

Videos From Our Friends

Vertical Grow Shelf System

Autopilot PPM-5 CO2 Controller

Phantom Double Ended Instructional Guide

Phantom II CMh 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast

Xtrasun DE Lighting System

Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE Open Lighting System with USB Interface

Salad Box Passive Hydroponic System by Hydrofarm

The Plant Strapper by Hydrofarm

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Bottom Draw Adapter from Hydrofarm – Introduction

oxyCLONE Cloning System from Hydrofarm – Introduction

Getting Started with the Upstart Garden Mat

Hydrofarm Hot House with Heat Mat, tray, 72 cell insert, 7.5" humidity dome

Mini Sunburst® MH w/Lamp

Mini Sunburst HPS 150 W w/Lamp

PlantCam Timelapse Camera

The exciting new Timelapse PlantCam automatically creates movies of your plants in fast-forward.

Rainwater Hog System

The award-winning rainwater HOG tanks are installed at Hall Middle School to hook into their plumbing system.

Assembling an Emily's Garden

A quick visual guide showing how to assemble the redesigned Emily's Garden Hydroponic System.

Thirsty Light On Garden Girl TV

Patti the Garden Girl uses a Thirsty Light to always know when to water her indoor plants.

Jump Start Grow Light System

An introduction and brief tutorial on how to setup and use our Jump Start grow light systems.

Daystar Air Cooled Reflector

Active Aqua Premium White Flood Trays