Bright, ultra wide light delivery has made the Daystar reflector the industry standard for years. Available air cooled as well as convection cooled, the Daystar's compact design will bathe your plants in bright light.

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Autopilot Controllers


Unleash your inner control freak with Autopilot timers, controllers, and CO2 generators. With options and models to fit any indoor growing setup, Autopilot will simplify your life by putting control of lights, ballasts, CO2, and accessories at your fingertips.

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Xtrasun has been delivering quality, durability and value to indoor growers for decades. Whether you're looking for a ballast or a reflector or both, you'll appreciate the performance and features that have made Xtrasun a name to trust in indoor growing.

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Active Air

If air movement's your game, Active Air is the name. With a full line of filters, fans, A/C units, CO2 systems and accessories, Active Air offers features that will improve your circulation and let your plants thrive.

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Active Aqua

Active Aqua

Active Aqua puts the Hydro in Hydroponics. With a full line of reservoirs, trays, pumps, chillers, and accessories, the Active Aqua line will let you hold, move, divert, chill, and aerate your H2O.

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Active Eye

Active Eye

Active Eye will help you focus on the things that matter... your plants. Our illuminated microscopes let you get a bug's eye view of your plant so you can identify nasty pests or disease. Active Eye LED green lights illuminate your grow room without interruption of the photoperiod cycle.

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Jump Start

Jump Start

Jump start your flowers and veggies with Jump Start. Featuring mini greenhouses and fluorescent lighting, you are assured of growing success with Jump Start... whether you're a novice or a certified green thumb.

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Radiant Reflectors


Radiant is designed to deliver the brightest possible light down to your plants. With a patented double-wall design to keep things cool, and 95% reflective material, the Radiant delivers, whether you choose air cooled or convection cooled.

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Agrobrite helps your plants thrive by providing lighting options for the indoor grower. Using energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, Agrobrite delivers full spectrum light to your plants in style.

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Professional and hobby growers are the first to tell you good growing starts at root level. Whether you're looking to grow in coco, peat, or clay balls, GROW!T has the substrate you need to get your plants off to a healthy start.

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Phat Filters, Fans, and Mufflers


The Phat family offers premium products for air ventilation and filtration along with fan noise/air noise suppression.

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For the simplest and most effective cloning system available, look no further than oxyCLONE. The oxyCLONE systems are simple, compact propagation systems that work with a variety of cuttings.

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