Commercial Product Offerings

Commercial Services

Argus provides a complete hardware and software solution for your monitoring and equipment automation needs.

Let us help you choose the right Dosatron for your flow, pressure, and injection rate requirements.

GGS rolling benches / growing tables are highly recommended for any commercial grow operation. They provide up to 50% more plant space by eliminating the need for a dedicated aisle.

IGE specializes in building custom Ebb and Flow greenhouse benches and matching expanded metal benches.

NUDO UtiLite interlocking wall and ceiling panels are easy to maintain and install.

Mabre Air Systems provides a lineup of forced air systems for agricultural, commercial and industrial uses.

Total Grow Control will design and integrate a custom nutrient delivery system for your new or existing facility.

USHIO's NaOClean™ E water system treats and prevents plant diseases without damaging the environment.